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Check out these 5 creative ideas for office renovation in Vietnam


Vietnam’s economy is growing, and many new major and small firms are springing up. Therefore, the demand for office renovation in Vietnam has also become more popular. Instead of spending a lot of money on a new structure, office renovation is the greatest way to assist businesses to manage their financial problems. If your business is looking to renovate the office to become more creative, modern and professional. But mainly still focus on saving costs, please immediately read the following shares of ADP-Architects.

What is office renovation in Vietnam?

Renovating office furniture is not an easy job. Because the office renovation must be based on the old one to change to the new one.

Office renovation in Vietnam

Office renovation in Vietnam

Office renovation, also known as office interior improvement, involves tasks such as upgrading, repairing, re-designing office furniture, and renewing the space of the office based on the background of the previous room. The goal of the project is to build a beautiful new workplace that is harmonious in terms of color, architecture, light, and aesthetics. Furthermore, this is the best way to reduce the expense of creating a new design and improving the company’s image.

Benefits of renovating the old office

  • Cost savings: Renovating the old office helps businesses save money on re-investing in the ceiling system, building new premises or digging foundations… Besides, you can take advantage of the furniture or current office equipment. You only need to spend a small amount of money but still ensure the creation of the best working environment.
  • Save time: Because there is no need to alter much or create a new office, just based on the existing premises, the building and restoration of the office take little time. This also aids in keeping workplace operations running smoothly and ensuring the business’s productivity.

These are the two big issues that any business owner is concerned with when starting a workspace improvement project. However, when choosing the office renovation method, you can easily solve the above worries

5 creative ideas for office renovation in Vietnam

1. Renovate the office into a modern and professional space

This is the most popular interior makeover option among businesses. This step entails reorganizing or creating the interior in a harmonic manner, splitting suitable departments, purchasing additional or eliminating obsolete equipment, and adjusting seating locations.

Office renovation in Vietnam

Modern and professional space

Something you need to do to renovate the office into a new space:

  • Remove damaged partitions, walls or doors and windows or expand the area
  • Replace glass doors, retaining walls with movable partitions to be flexible in connecting spaces together
  • Your business needs to arrange furniture based on the type, nature of work and size of the company accordingly.
  • Rearrange the sitting area of ​​each employee and each department. Positions of employees, managers, directors, should be arranged according to quality work. Related parts should be arranged close to each other.

2. Ceiling system renovation

Using trough lights with drop ceilings

Using trough lights with drop ceilings

When using the ceiling for a long time, the ceiling can be degraded, the electrical system and wires can be damaged, causing danger due to electric leakage… Therefore, the renovation of the office ceiling is a necessary job. Here are a few ways to effectively renovate your ceiling:

  • Using trough lights with drop ceilings to increase aesthetics and convenience for maintenance and repair of power lines, ventilation and air conditioning systems,…
  • Repaint the ceiling if this part is made of concrete, after a long time of use, cracking and peeling will occur. Paint colors should be chosen as neutral, bright colors to create a comfortable feeling for employees.
  • The ceiling can be changed to plaster or wooden material. Floating bone plaster or suspended ceilings with aluminum and wood frames are very popular materials in the design and construction of office furniture today.

3. Office floor renovation

Office floors can be renovated if there are signs of damage, scratches or deterioration. Renovating the office by redesigning the floor will also bring high efficiency to the space.

Some points to note when renovating office floors:

  • The floor surface needs to be smooth, not decorated with too many patterns. It should be easy to clean, good anti-fouling, convenient to clean and repair.
  • Choose durable and beautiful construction materials such as ceramic tiles, natural stone, wooden floors, ceramic tiles, etc. Floor mats are also durable fabrics with high aesthetics.

4. Maximize the natural light

Natural sunlight has a powerful positive impact on employees’ morale, mood, energy, and mental health. Natural light can increase employees’ productivity as well as enhance creativity and focus. Installing glass wall partitions in the workspace, wherever possible, allows natural light to penetrate further and reach more employees. Have a windowless office? Changing the lighting can also make a difference. Blue-enriched lightbulbs can boost employees’ alertness, assist their memory and cognitive function, and enhance their mood.

Provide adequate lighting for the workspace with artificial light

Provide adequate lighting for the workspace with artificial light

5. Incorporate touches of nature

Being in the presence of nature makes us feel better – especially in open workplace spaces. Water fountains, blossoming plants, and greenery come to mind. Plants in the office can reduce stress, improve attention span and concentration, promote well-being, and raise employee happiness. Even better, studies have shown that having plants in the office may boost employee productivity by 15%. 

Create green space for the office

Create green space for the office

ADP-Architects – The unit that provides creative ideas for your business

ADP – Architects is rated as an expert team in the subject of office interior design, and the above information provided is completely accurate and beneficial to your company. Try these 5 creative ideas to create the perfect look for your workspace, and if you have any further queries, contact ADP-Architects right away for the finest assistance.


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