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Attractiveness of Millennium Apartments

Attractiveness of Millennium Apartments

On the real estate market in Ho Chi Minh City bustle today, appear numerous projects, especially in this kind of high-end condominiums. And among their outstanding works, perhaps Apartments Millennium is the most attractive for investors and customers wishing to purchase housing. Why this works to create attractive to the world? Let’s find out together!

Millennium is the property in the apartment project chain brand Masteri. From the first days of launch, membership in the Masteri reputation has created the rush in with every customer, including the famous investors in and outside the country. So, this work had something special?

Potential projects for the city real estate market

Millennium Apartments

Sustainable cooperation creates quality works

Attraction of Millennium apartments including first is the commitment to quality of life and the value of the profit growth for residents and investors from the official owner of the project is to Fill the Investment Workshop strategic partners. The work was created with the purpose of bringing contemporary living space, comfort and luxurious, and ensure about the potential profits, the benefits of transparency of the whole project, from the apartment to the shophouse commercial … to clients.

Convenient location for every activity of life

Millennium Masteri in addition to owning two facades of the Saigon River and is built on the Ben Van Don, District 4, one of the potential real estate area for Ho Chi Minh City currently still located at the adjoining financial center. This resulted in this luxury apartment project has just referred to as “Deputy Wall” of Vietnam, has helped the owner to shorten the distances to all destinations in the city centre or the nearby County, from which to take the time to enjoy life Summit high only in works in the Masteri brand.

In addition, the owner of the same family as more assured when Masteri District 4 apartment surrounded by civilised residential areas, along the transportation system safe, modern and thousands of public works, infrastructure, like hospitals , schools … are always available and ready to meet all the basic needs of the community.

Besides, the convenient location of the Millennium project also contributes to promoting the process of profit growth, bringing the source currency attractive to investors and business units.

Level of living space

The design of Millennium Apartments

Millennium Masteri works not only situated in the ideal location for every activity of life of communities and the potential profits for investment units, but also bring world-class living space, luxury and facilities of the city.

Each apartment in the Millennium are assisted to become the new icon, representing the lifestyle level, commensurate with the owner and his family.

Masteri apartment is the perfect blend between modern architecture breath along the exquisite beauty from interior facilities, thereby, provides luxurious living space, the most privacy and with the flow of time reserved for the owner.

Moreover, the Millennium project in District 4, apartments were designed under the hand of the architect team member United not only the crystallization of the art of contemporary design, the sounds of modern architecture, refined , be care with gentle strokes but also possesses unique architecture, impressive and endure over time.

Besides, Millennium apartments Masteri District 4 is also the perfect combination between the values of the European architecture and the exquisite beauty of the Interior facilities included the colours are blended in a gentle way the harmony of fresh, from nature have helped the work to become a featured architecture, luxury and refinement in the heart of the city.

Project Millennium Masteri, customers will have a choice of diverse living space, from apartments and condominiums to pentvilla (penthouse). In particular, with the penthouse, new living space models and this class will bring to countless owner privilege only in luxury real estate projects in the Masteri brand.

Millennium Pentvilla Masteri District 4 was designed with luxurious architecture and spacious, airy, and is situated in the upscale residential area of the same high-end amenities, to meet diverse needs in full for every Member of the family. From there, we find that this apartment type, is at the heart of gold featured property for today.

Pentvilla at the Millennium attraction in modern beauty combined with the luxury-class in the project, which also owns the space permeate nature. The apartment was built with garden has an area of up to over 50% in total and 100m2 of living space. From then on, bring the employer minutes enjoy from live values when the peaceful nature.

In addition, penthouse is also the space in which the owner can demonstrate style and personal preference. In each apartment Masteri Millennium this special, the little details are focused, as the Interior is logical layout as well as the table of gold placed solemn door and ready waiting for future name for private living space of the self and the family.

Luxury apartments and many incentives

To support our customers can easily own the Millennium apartment, financial partner of the project is to provide the product, Techcombank method as well as all financial assistance programs more flexible and attractive for the following :

Techcombank support customers can easily own the Millennium apartment

With loan packages for clients wishing to own the apartments:

  • Preferential loan package interest rate: 0%
  • The original debt grace until customers get home
  • Repayment before maturity of free for customers to get at official home
  • Maximum loan up to 70% of the total value of apartments
  • Can the main mortgage of apartments were bought.

In addition, when you visit the model apartment or get advice directly at Millennium Masteri will also receive the gifts of the same information for the latest incentives.

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